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Community SR


We believe in social responsibility strategy and for that case we are giving back to the society part of our profit in order to support, promote and even them to implement their development activities.

Our main goal is to support and help our communities to have a sustainable development so that they can create vibrant and independent communities, which are able to initiate and executes their projects.

Crown Eagle Community Support Fund is focusing its resources in small and key programs such as Education, Environment and Orphanage Centre.


We are committed to empower our children to get an extent and suitable education so that they can play major and active roles in our milieu, with some challenges that rim today in our education system, we unambiguous agreed to implies out top most efforts to archive our objectives  such as:

-Participating in fundraising to build classrooms, laboratories, libraries and desks
-To provide scholarship for some of the best students
-To contribute books and school requirements
-To provides computers and computer skills to match with current World
  education to some of minority community


Major current environmental issues may include climate change, pollution, environmental degradation, and resource depletion and by noted this we decided that we will unite with all those who are in the engagements of protecting the mother earth.
We are in a position to support all activists to advocacy and provide them with necessity aid for addressing this matter

The extent of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is by now above the threshold that can potentially cause dangerous climate change. We are appealing for everyone to protect any ecologically valuable natural zones in order to save the world.


Crown Eagle affianced itself into the process of providing a real loving and needy support for young orphans who deserves the right to live and grow up as healthy, well-educated and independent individuals with a bright future.

Our vigorous assistances to some of the orphanage center are as follow:

-         To provides clothes whenever is necessary to the centers

-         To contribute some funds to pay school fees

-         To provide stationaries for those who are in schools

-         To provide children with spot kits

-         To contribute funds to meet health condition for pauper