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Culture Tourism Safaris

Ilkiding’a & Ng’iresi Cultural Tourism

Ilkiding’a Cultural Tourism

Walking tour to the village that is located at the foot of Mount Meru where the sounds of rivers, birds and people are in harmony, Ilkiding'a Cultural Tourism will pave the way of experiencing the traditional culture of Waarusha.

This tour worth enough to disclose:

-The exploration and insights of Waarusha culture and their way of living
-The understanding of their households and duties at an extended family
-How do craftsmen and traditional healer performing their spiritual powers
-Hikes at some narrow paths and crossing canyon of the Meru area
-Get information of how Meru family participating in the farming activities
-Enjoying the test of traditional dishes
-Observing the nice view of Arusha from different angles

Kindly note; this tour can be in a half, day full day or even two to three days.


 Ng’iresi Cultural Tourism

The beautiful village Ng’iresi is located on fascinating slopes of Mount Meru, where the life of its people involves direct to the true African experience such as follow in below:

-Involving in the process of conserving the soil in order to keep it green as ever
-Involvement in the project of making a bio gas through typical and traditional by using human and
 cattle dungs
-Irrigation to the farm and cross breeding

-Climb to Kivesi Hill, an old volcano with a natural forest on top

-Learn how the Wa-arusha culture was derivative through the old stories
-Uncover the true stories of how those traditional houses had have been set up

-Visit to a traditional healer where you can see ancient remedies that have been used for thousands of years

-Get the chance of enjoying the delicious local lunch that prepared by women group


Longido Culture Tour

Longido Cultural Tourism   Da read more »