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Zanzibar Beach Holiday

With its collectively historical information that derived even before colonial era, Zanzibar created it name from been influenced by trade links with Arabia, Persia, India and China since the 1st century AD., and by being under the rule of the Persian Arabs, Portuguese, Omani Arabs and British since 12th century.

The wide range of activities such as Spice farm tours, Prison Island with its giant tortoise, dolphin swims, scuba diving & snorkeling, fishing, sailing, other water sports (volleyball, football), wildlife viewing, shopping & dining and open beaches with white sand put Zanzibar a remarkable Landmass

Zanzibar with its unspoiled and beautiful white sandy beaches make obtainable for the visitors to reside in the beach hotels, lodge, resorts and guest house that are in a symbiotic and harmonious relationship with the people living in the local fishing villages.

Zanzibar and its multi culture acquire you to learn various customs like vernaculars, Swahili, Asia and Arab traditions n a magnificent way. Zanzibar culture is attributed by the unique heritable festivals: Dhow race, contemporary dance, music, arts and craft that conveyed the royal memories with the human life. This island offers the largest ever cultural events in the magnificent and historical venues at the waterfront of stone town as it grooves back the mixed diaspora.

The island combines the accurate of discovering and the clear understanding of flora and fauna with the opportunities to embrace the irreplaceable nature with a very limited period of time

Zanzibar's talcum pulverized beaches are some of the most spectacular in the world with sand that is  literally squeaks and amazing as you walk through it


The 6th Festival of the Dhow Countries - June / July

East Africa’s largest cultural event, takes place in Zanzibar in magnificent, historical venues along the waterfront of Stone Town. The festival celebrates the unique cultural heritage of the "Dhow" countries: the African continent and the Indian Ocean region and their global Diaspora.

Kendwa Rocks
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