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Bush to beach

Bush to beach

Selous,Ruaha, Mikumi, Bagamoyo, Sadaani & Pangani


Day 1:

Met upon your arrival by our Crown Eagle representative and transfer to a Hotel in Dar Es Salaam

Day 2:

Leave the hotel for Selous game reserve, for game drive in the largest game reserve in Africa and one of the last great sanctuaries on the continent.

Arriving in time for lunch thereafter start to explore the game wonders of Selous till evening then drive to the lodge

O/N Rufiji River Camp

Day 3:

Start a bit early with a walking tour by accompany of our guide and armed ranger to the head out of Selous most privileged spotted area, with the whole process of getting close to the nature it pays when the enchanted of wonder nature will be experienced in the convolution of Selous eco-system till noon then reclaim a track for another game drive in the wild African bush till evening then drive to the lodge

O/N Rufiji River Camp

Day 4:

More game drives in Selous with an expectation of coming across with the likes of Elephants, lions, leopards, giraffes and even rare of African wild dog might be encounter, the noon and later in the after followed by boat ride at Rufiji River and observing the hunting game of crocodile in the river bank and the glances of hippos in their pods while weaving

O/N Rufiji River Camp

Day 5:

More game drive in Selous enjoys the wild nature before driving to Mikumi as the gate away for the southern circuit game sanctuary.

O/N Mikumi Safari Lodge      

Day 6:

Breakfast then driving to Ruaha National Park, with its aura of untrammelled wilderness with semi- arid bush that flourish because of the river Ruaha. The river which is the main course of scattering pools in the surrounded blinded sweep of sands and rocks of Ruaha National park, the game will be taken in the largest park of Tanzania where during the summer the likes of impala, waterbuck and other antelopes risk their life for a sip of life-sustaining water not only from the prides of lion that conquering all over the bush, but also from the cheetahs that trunk the open grassland and the leopards that loiter in tangled riverine thickets and as well as to the very close range the conspicuous packs of the most endangered African wild dog sniffing around. Later in a day proceeding to the lodge for dinner and overnight stay

O/N Ruaha River Camp

Day 7:

More game drives in Ruaha National Park, the park which contains the high diversity of antelope as a result of transitional of acacia savannah Of East Africa and the miombo woodland of Southern Africa, this is the park with full of life especially during the dry season with the wide range of game tributaries:

Grant’s gazelle and lesser kudu in the sable area, a herd of zebras camouflage and pose likes ballerinas with the persistent and trilling sounds of birds such as yellow-collared lovebird and ashy starling.

O/N Ruaha River Camp

Day 8:

Another game drives in Rauha National Park then driving to Mikumi National park for dinner and overnight staying

O/N Mikumi Safari Lodge

Day 9:

 Full day game drive in the horizons and abundant wildlife of Mikumi National park, enjoys the game spot within the park where Lions survey their grassy kingdom – and the zebra, wildebeest, impala and buffalo herds that migrate across it – from the flattened tops of termite mounds, or sometimes, during the rains, from perches high in the trees. Later in a day drive to the lodge for dinner and overnight

O/N Mikumi Safari Lodge

Day 10:

Morning game drive in Mikumi National Park, the park that islets of shade favored by Mikumi’s elephants and Criss-crossed by a good circuit of game-viewing roads and the most reliable place in Tanzania for sightings of the powerful eland, the world’s largest antelope before driving to Bagamoyo for dinner and overnight stay
O/N Millennium Sea Breeze Resort

Day 11:

Bagamoyo tour will be conducted at the former capital of Germany East Africa, an historical town which is part of the world heritage site with an influenced history of Indian and Arab traders, Germany colonial era in Africa and missionaries and the settlement of Muslim in there.

The visitors meanderings around: Kaole ruins with the remnants of two mosques and a couple of tombs , German Museum, German State house, the old market, Caravan sarai, the old fort, Arabic tea house, Crocodile farm, 1st East African post office, 1st East African Secondary School, international and the most famous  college of arts.

Later in a day heading to the lodge for dinner and overnight stay

O/N Millennium Sea Breeze Resort

Day 12:

Leave Bagamoyo for Saadani National Park tour in the Centre of the historic safaris where the beach of Bagamoyo, Pangani and Zanzibar meet the bush of Saadani National park.

 As one of the few wildlife sanctuaries bordering with the sea this park offers the unique combination of both marine and mainland flora and fauna in a historically and culturally fascinating setting, with around 30 different species to be encounter from elephants, giraffes, lions, bushbuck, bush pigs, wildebeest, common waterbuck, hartebeest, warthogs, zebra with green turtles, black and white colobus monkeys with many other game spot to be spotted.

The park offers a boat safari especially during the late afternoon at Wami River where it believed the large group of hippos can be observed easily braving waves and the Nile crocodile moving in and out the river as the flock of flamingo with kingfishers and fish eagle hovering around.

Later in the day driving to the lodge for dinner and overnight stay.


Day 13:

Walking tour at Saadani National park with an armed ranger before driving back to the hotel for brunch and then driving to brilliances area of Pangani where it history transmits ever since 15th century.

Relax at Pangani beach with an optional of swimming and walking along the clean water and white sand in the coastline. Dinner and overnight at the hotel

O/N Tides Lodge

Day 14:

After breakfast then leave for Kikowea coconut plantations then to the historical sites of boma, slave depot and market, freedom ground, Islamic and Germany graves and to the ancient mosques and traditional houses before intruding to the swahili cultural tour and spending some time with them to get to know their culture before heading to the sisal plantation and returning to your hotel.

O/N Tides Lodge

Day 15:

Full day in the white sand of Indian Ocean with some options of activities like swimming, fishing, snorkeling and enjoy bare foot walking and of course, and a refreshing at the of shoreline with cooling breeze on air.

O/N Tides Lodge

Day 16:

After breakfast then driving back to Dar es Salaam via Bagamoyo for drop off at the airport for your return flight