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Safari with Saanane Island

Safari with Saanane Island

Safari with Saanane

Day 1:           

Met upon the arrival and transferred to your hotel for overnight stay

O/N Karama Lodge

Day 2:           

Drive to Arusha National park, the park which is also known as mult –faceted jewel – taken the wild game trough a shadow montane forest the area that is inhabited by blue monkeys/colorful turacos and acrobatic black and white colobus monkey, the game will continue to rock cliffs of Ngurudoto  crater to the tranquil beauty of Momela lakes

 O/N Karama Lodge

Day 3:           

Breakfast then head to the compact game viewing and virtual microcosm of safari experience, Lake Manyara National park. Enjoying the game drive through an expanse of lush jungle-like groundwater forest where the strong baboons nonchalant along the road, blue monkey scamper in the ancient mahogany trees the game will lead to a congregate grassy plains and then to the steams and bubbles of hot springs before ended up to the south along the lakeshore: lions, giraffes, zebra, wildebeest, buffalo and many other animal with birdlife will be experienced at Lake Manyara

O/N Manyara escarpment lodge

Day 4:           

After breakfast, driving to Ngorongoro for crater tour, descending into the undisputable caldera in the world with packed lunch enjoying the wild game in the crater which is home of more than twenty five thousand of larger mammals till evening then ascending and drive to the hotel

O/N Ngorongoro wildlife lodge

 DAY 5:         

Breakfast, then drive to the oldest and the most popular National park, the might Serengeti National park. Game view en-route to the proclaimed worldwide wonder and the gifted park for wild game

O/N Savannah tented camp/Katikati tented camp

DAY 6:          

More game drives in Serengeti National park, with its big event of famed annual migration when millions of animals hooves pound of endless plans of Serengeti, the game continue in Serengeti, Searching for the predators and gentle herbivore that make the park the most spectacular area for game spot

O/N Savannah tented camp/ Katikati tented camp

Day 7:

More game drive in Serengeti National Park, thereafter driving to Mwanza town preparation of Saanane in the following day dinner and overnight at the hotel
O/N Tilapia hotel

Day 8:

After breakfast then to Saanane Island National Park, enjoy the game magnificence views of the beautiful and attractive evergreen dense primary lowland Congolese forest with a unique habitat mosaic in the midst of high biodiversity value. The game continue in the park which is idea place for bird watching with the exceptional of Eurasian and grey parrot among the other bird species, a part of being the breeding shelter for water birds the park also provide the game spot of animals such as Sitatunga, Elephants, Giraffes, Hippos, bushbucks, Pythons, Crocodiles, Bush pigs which making a spectacular and unique tour.

Later in a day driving back to hotel for dinner and overnight stay

O/N Tilapia hotel

Day 9:

Breakfast and then transferred to Mwanza airport for your flight to Kilimanjaro airport