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Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania Safaris

The great thing about this country and in which derives and does draw Tanzania’s diverse attractions is of course its people, who take justifiable pride in their deeply entrenched national mood of tolerance and peacefulness. Undeniably, Tanzania with all of its ethnic diversity (tribe more than 120) is practically unique in Africa in having navigated a succession of modern political hurdles – the transformation from colonial dependency to independent nation, from socialist state to free-market economy, from single part to fully-fledged democracy - without ever experiencing sustained civil or ethnic unrest.

The Northern Circuit

The Northern part of Tanzania is the most popular zone for tourist with the reason that it contains some of exceptional attractions that will never be found anywhere else, this part is comprise of Kilimanjaro which is the highest Mountain in Africa with snow cape, The Serengeti National park is famous for its spectacular annual seasonal migration, The might Ngorongoro as the results of extent volcanic reaction , Lake Manyara set up under foot hills of Great rift valley escarpment ,Tarangire National Park it’s nick named as mini Serengeti because it attracts some animals during the dry season, also in this zone comprehends the likes of Rubondo Island and Saanane Island national parks ,Arusha National park with Mountain Meru as alternative for Kilimanjaro and Lake Eyasi  as the remarkable area to get culture experience and the suitable area for Bushmen settlements.


The western part of Tanzania includes the Mahale, Katavi, and Gombe national parks. And the collective attraction on this western zone is its intensification from the sandy shores of Lake Tanganyika to the forested Gombe Stream and Mahale Mountains National Parks contend with each other as the best place in the world to footpath wild chimpanzees.

And nearer to the western coast, there is isolated mountain range of the underpublicized Eastern Arc Mountains where is the home of African Galapagos in gratitude of their wealth of endemic plants and animals.


The southern part of Tanzania includes the Ruaha, Kitulo, Mikumi, and Udzungwa national parks and the Selous Game Reserve.
This zone is dominated by an inexplicably vast Selous Game Reserve with it rich mosaic of endangered areas that collectively harbor probable 20 percent of Africa’s large mammal population. And on the other hand Ruaha Park offers the best game spot during the summer time.

Tourism is also focused on the coast including Pangani,Bagamoyo and Saadani where the bush meet the beach and the like of magical Island of Zanzibar with it twin islands of Ungula and Pemba which draws the popular auxiliary after game safaris to experiences: stunning offshore diving sites, enjoy spice tours, Stone town, snorkeling, scuba diving and mysterious old-fashioned ruins.
And the idea place for game fishing and diving is in the Island of Mafia further south of Zanzibar.

Please note there is more to Tanzania than just safaris and climbing, this is the country with three largest freshwater bodies in Africa likes Lakes Victoria, Tanganyika and Nyasa and the rivers which flows from every angle of the country: Rufiji, Pangani, Malagarasi,