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Lemosho Route

Lemosho Route

Kilimanjaro trekking through Lemosho route

Day 1:

Met upon your arrival by our Crown Eagle representative and then drive to the hotel

O/N Outpost Lodge

Day 2:

Leave the Hotel after breakfast for Lemosho, after a formal registration at londorosi and passing the trailhead then starts to ascend through a swathe of thick cloud forest. The forest which is stunning and full of life, birds and insects are particularly prevalent here. As the path enters a small clearing in the upper reaches of the forest zone there stand a camping ground normally known as Forest camp (Mti Mkubwa –big tree camp).

O/N Forest Camp (Mti Mkubwa) 2700m.

Day 3:

Breakfast then leave the forest camp and continues to ascend smoothly and gently as the forest becoming thin and vegetation surrounding the path alters, taller tress give way to Heath/Moorland zone and amidst giant to emerge.

The path crests the rim of the Shira plateau and sweeping views of the entire rolling, crumpled plateau will be viewed as the path stretches to the South-east. After gaining the Shira Ridge then the main path drops slightly as it negotiates heathers, everlasting and small builder outcrops on its way to Shira 1 camp.

O/N Shira 1 Camp 3600m

Day 4:

After breakfast ascend to the edge of the Shira ridge, bends slightly to follow a south-east course across the plateau. Walking into the sun and directly towards the mass of Kibo before a mounding cloud rises to shrouds the summit.

The path undulates across the surface of the plateau hugging the lay of the land and follow it’s every details as it drops into small gullies contain tributary streams and the path gaining height through an attractive high alpine meadow of heather and everlastings. Forge the path through a route south-east towards Shira 2 Camp

O/N Shira 2 Camp 3850m

Day 5:

The path will emerge the south circuit which will drops into a broad rock-strewn valley and then regain the lost height rising evenly and gently towards Kibo. Follows the leading path to the southern direction and passes through an area of interest rock formation with an alternative ascent to lava tower (4600m) before branch off to Baranco.

O/N Baranco Camp 3950m

Day 6:

From Baranco camp, the path descends into the Great Barranco Valley and then drops to the valley floor crosses boggy ground and steam, the path continue  above the wall crosses the high Alpine  plateau in a south easterly direction, dipping and climbing to cross small gullies housing steams and thereafter the path drops to Karanga Valley.

O/N Karanga Valley 4200m

Day 7:

Breakfast; take the path from the Karanga valley undulating across two gentle river valleys. The path contours around the mountain and through  a patch  moorland before cresting a ridge reaching  a cross roads, the left hand path lead to the scale broad ridge that climb to the north- east towards Kibo.

The virtue of its elevated and exposed position the views from Barafu are spectacular when approached from the western side of Kilimanjaro, the jagged outline of Mawenzi will be visible across the broad expanse of the saddle.

O/N Barafu Camp 4600m

Day 8:

Wake up after midnight in order to take advantage of the frozen screed and even though the route is a steep, tough ascent on the loose scree and small rocks but this is the most strenuous part of the climb. The ascent leads to Rebman Glacier at Stella point (5700m) and the push from here to Uhuru Peak (5895m) as the final incline will be crucial. The successful attainment of the summit will be followed by the consequently and a very tough descent through Mweka route.

The path from the summit heading down south and then east passing above the southern ice-fields through Stella point  to Barafu camp., after  a short rest then descending  further down to Mweka Camp.

O/N Mweka Camp 3100m

Day 9:

This is a short relatively swift and final day on the mountain, descending through the forest with lush and extremely picturesque to Mweka gate. The climb will be concluded by registering the succession at the gate before transfer to the hotel.

O/N Outpost Lodge