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Umbwe Route

Umbwe Route

Day 1:

Met upon your arrival and transferred to your hotel in Arusha

Day 2:

Transfer from the hotel to Machame gate, after a formal registration then driving to Umbwe to start you’re climbing through a very thick air with moisture and the muddy path.

 The route initially follows a forestry track winding up through the natural rain forest. It then narrows and steepens to climb the ridge between the Lonzo and Umbwe rivers, with huge trees surrounding you. The path offers some spectacular views of deep gorges and if you are lucky, glimpses of Kilimanjaro towering above you in the distance. The camp is perched between huge trees and thick undergrowth. Enjoy dinner and overnight at the Umbwe Cave

O/N Umbwe Cave Camp (2850m)

Day 3:

Breakfast then leave the camp to Baranco walking through a forest which is thinning and is replaced by rockier terrain, sparser undergrowth and straggly, moss-covered trees. The path continues along a narrow, but spectacular ridge. As you gain higher altitude, catch glimpses of Kilimanjaro rising majestically ahead of you - etched against the blue sky. The path flattens as you approach Barranco Valley.

From the Umbwe ridge the route descends slightly to the Barranco camp. The camp is situated in the valley below the Breach and Great Barranco Wall, which should provide you with a memorable sunset while your dinner is being prepared.

O/N Baranco Camp (3985m)

Day 4:

The climb continue in a steep and stretches of Baranco Wall the zigzagging path and a narrow path to follow a spectacular traverse east along the base of Kibo, walking further to Karanga Valley

O/N Karanga Valley (4040m)

Day 5:

Breakfast then take the path from the Karanga valley undulating across two gentle river valleys. The path contours around the mountain and through  a patch  moorland before cresting a ridge reaching  a cross roads, the left hand path lead to the scale broad ridge that climb to the north- east towards Kibo.

The virtue of its elevated and exposed position the views from Barafu are spectacular when approached from the western side of Kilimanjaro, the jagged outline of Mawenzi will be visible across the broad expanse of the saddle.

O/N Barafu Camp (4681m)

Day 6:

Summit day is the most exhausting and involves at least Seventeen hours from Barafu to Uhuru peak then down to Mweka Camp. This day normally starts after midnight, take the trails following an increasing steep valley on the edge of Scree fields, passing between Rebmann and Ratzel glaciers to emerge at Stella point (5681m) on the southern rim of Kibo then ascending further to Uhuru peak (5895m) after spending some few minutes at the top roof of Africa then descending to Barafu after a short rest then descending to Mweka camp

Day 7:

This is a short relatively swift and final day on the mountain, descending through the forest with lush and extremely picturesque to Mweka gate. The climb will be concluded by registering the succession at the gate before transfer to the hotel