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Why Us

Why Crown Eagle Adventures? As we all know the main reason, most of the people are coming on safari are: to explore the Earth wonders and observing the landscape with the game view adventures.
For that case game drives and all activities at Crown Eagle Adventure are unlimited with the point of sharing ideas with our clients  to all day excursion, or any schedule that are desired.
On our side much depends on availability and position of the wildlife and the guide’s suggestions, as well as the mood of the group. Please note we are totally flexible and doesn’t follow a stringent timetable, it’s your safari. Vehicles: Crown Eagle Adventures has Land Cruisers for safaris and min-vans and vans for town tour and transfers in our fleet and they are holding the capacity of five, seven and twenty eight passengers respectively. Safari vehicles have been specially adapted for safari, their seats have been moved back to give more legroom and hatches have been fitted in the roof for optimum game viewing; one over the driver’s and front passenger’s seats; one over the back seat and rear. Since quite a bit of time is spent in the Land Rover, other adaptations have been made to ensure traveling comfort such as canvas seat covers and cushions and pockets for water bottles, cameras and books. Each Land Cruiser carries a comprehensive first aid kit and has radio communication with other Crown Eagle Adventure vehicles. Walking and Cultural encounters: Safari life has many facets. The wildlife, landscapes and people all combine to produce a unique experience. For many, getting out of the vehicle and walking in the African bush is the ultimate. Our guides love to walk and will show you the smaller things that play an important role in the ecology of an area. The sounds, smells and textures of the savannah or woodlands add another dimension to your safari. There are several areas where we love to explore and these include the Arusha National Park, Ngorongoro Highlands, Lake Eyasi, Tarangire and the might Selous.